CILIP School Libraries Group – Café Littéraire – Saturday, 27th June 2015

A few months ago I went to my first CILIP member event. Here are the notes/minutes from the event that I may use for my Certification, they’re a little formal but hopefully you’ll get the gist.

Event details
Informal and intimate networking event to meet children’s authors and the school library community, plus an opportunity to eat delicious cakes and a range of healthy options – I even took a doggy bag home, yum! Read More


Welcome to my journey!


The Journey begins…

I have been a Library Assistant in a North London secondary school for three years after graduating as a mature student in BA Hons. Education Studies in 2011. I absolutely loved my role working in the library supporting the students’ development leading them to further knowledge and information and reading for enjoyment. I felt that I was contributing to their personal development and empowerment. I began to feel at home, I had a real sense of belonging in my role. The more I began to immerse myself within it and analysed the impact I could have, the more I became frustrated. This was because of the apparent lack professional development aimed towards library assistants (in my case in schools) and the limitations of my role. Additionally, I felt incredibly isolated having very few opportunities to speak with others in the profession. Read More