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My journey to a librarianship began in recent years, 2008, when I developed a reluctant, but strong attachment to the silent study area at my university library. On a daily basis I sat at the bank of tables that faced the vibrant shades of green of the woods and a lake in one of North London’s most beautiful green spaces, during my mature undergraduate study in BA Education Studies.

Photo on 2011-01-11 at 09.57Where it all began, Trent Park Campus, Middlesex University

It was only when I began my three year role as a Library Assistant in a large, mainstream North London secondary school that I realised the importance of my university library experience and how significant it was to my overall outcomes and future roles. I would have never had the opportunity for solitude and sanctuary nor convenience of resources and access to knowledge and information elsewhere, had it not been for my university library or any library for that matter. With this new, rich experience and appreciation of libraries so vivid, I fell in love with being able to return those experiences to the students that I have served and supported in school libraries. I am now venturing into my second role as Librarian in my third secondary school and I hope to share my new (and old) experiences with you and I welcome you will be able to do the same with me. Please feel free to comment, contact or follow.



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